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“Love Is Freedom” Locked: Valentines Day in Berlin

Posted on February 14, 2017

“A padlock on a bridge is considered as a proof of love in many cultures, but we all know that the key to a successful relationship is freedom,” says conceptual artist and Street Artist Aïda Gomez when talking about her simple text installation below. Just in time for Valentine’s day, a Berlin bridge gets this subtle addition, much like the underplayed interventions Aïda has done elsewhere, requiring an observant eye and a serene sense of humor.

Love is Freedom. On a padlock with a shackle passed through and opening and secured, grounded, anchored, unmoving. Rather an iron irony, don’t you think?

Aïda Gomez Love Is Freedom in Berlin. Follow her on FB @aidagomezinfo

Aida suggested this lyric from John Lennon;

“Love is Real. Real is Love”

Here’s John to sing it, and to dance with Yoko.

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