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100Taur, St Dominic, and Friars All Friends in France

Posted on July 6, 2015

Street Artist 100Taur (pronounced centaur) is following in the steps of many artists historically who have used their talent in service of religion – with this new image of Saint Dominic on the entrance of a monastery in France.


100Taur (photo © Butterfly)

A Spanish priest and the founder of the Dominican order, Saint Dominic is the patron saint of astronomers as well as those falsely accused, goes back in Toulouse history to the year 1215 where he first established his order with 6 followers.


100Taur (photo © Butterfly)

Says photographer and Street Art observer Butterfly, “The artist studied the iconography of St. Dominic and incorporated many symbols including a lily flower for purity, the Toulouse cross, as well as his signature ‘Slug ‘character, symbol of resilience.”

She tells us that the new mural was officially blessed during a ceremony in the district of Toulouse Rangueil before an audience of church folk and graffiti and Street Art fans.

“It was a quite surreal experience and a lesson in open mindedness,” says Butterfly.


100Taur (photo © Butterfly)


100Taur (photo © Butterfly)


100Taur (photo © Butterfly)


100Taur (photo © Butterfly)

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