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Chris Dyer and Positive Vibes in Peru

Posted on January 30, 2014

“Visionary” graffiti artist and entrepreneur, Montreal based artist Chris Dyer has crafted a style that synthesizes influences from astrology, spirituality, graffiti, Street Art, skater culture, and folk art into a modern representational style you may associate with glowing barefoot and shirtless celebrants at Burning Man or similar transformational / experiential festivals around the globe.  But his work was not always strictly on the positive tip.


Chris Dyer. Lima, Peru. December 2013. (photo © Chris Dyer)

“I grew up in Lima, Peru till the age of 17, before I left for Montreal. It was there where I first used spray paint, as a tagger for my street gang ‘SepUlcro’,” says Chris to give a sense of his personal roots and evolution. Today he travels quite a bit and speaks about his philosophy and his art, encouraging others to express their inner world through creativity in a positive way. Along the way he has created a space in the commercial world with skateboard graphics for many brands and he markets prints, pins, hemp clothing, tapestries with his own company based in San Francisco.


Chris Dyer collaboration with Entes y Pesimo. Lima, Peru. December 2013. (photo © Chris Dyer)

Here are some recent walls he did in Lima during a trip, his first there in eight years, where he hung out and created collaboratively with local graffiti / Street Artists Entes, Pesimo and Jade. With the wisdom of a guy in his thirties, Chris revisited the land where he grew up doing a more transgressive form of work in the streets, and found a way to make it personally transformative. “This trip really healed a bunch of wounds I developed as a half-gringo in a aggressive latino city, and left me loving the country of my roots,” he says.

While prepping for a solo show at a gallery in Miraflores in December, he also did some travelling and “dropped some pieces here and there,” he says. Now back in the wintry north he is already looking forward to return to the land that formed his youth soon. “I’m pumped to return next year for “Latir Latino” festival and to drop a bigger mural for Lima to enjoy.”


Chris Dyer. Lima, Peru. December 2013. (photo © Chris Dyer)


Chris Dyer collaboration with Jade in Peru, 2014. (photo © Chris Dyer)


Chris Dyer. Peru, December 2013. (photo © Chris Dyer)




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