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Phlegm Flees With a Marauding Animal Exodus in Albany

Posted on September 11, 2013

Exclusive Photos of the Wildly Charging Herd by Phlegm

As the global geopolitical-econo-social storms continue to swirl us into and out of oil wars and natural disasters and disease and pestilence and famine – or at least the threat of them, you may rightly feel as if you are living inside a comic book or a late summer blockbusting thriller.



Phlegm (photo © Bob Anderson)

The gift of an illustrator like Sheffield-based Street Artist Phlegm is that he can, at will, play the master of chaos in a Dionysian drama, creating the horror afoot, and he can as well create the salvation. It is up to his imagination and his hand/can. Today we look at a new installation of exodus, the stretching and contorting competition of man and animal to flee imminent disaster. Or maybe they’re headed to the Apple store.


Phlegm (photo © Bob Anderson)

The New York State capital of Albany hosted an extensive series of walls across many neighborhoods two years ago this month, but has since been relatively quiet, as local Street Art fan and photographer Bob Anderson can attest. But for the longest time Bob says, “I have had my eye on an 85′ wall of Earthworld Comics, the oldest comic book store in town.” As luck would have it, Phlegm was in Bushwick BK finishing up a wall just as this one opened up north, and the floodgates of exodus were let loose across the expanse of brick.

Not a bad venue for an outsized illustrator like Phlegm, who is as adept at small hand-rendered drawings as he is of this happily hellish scene of a rumbling and frenzied herd charging forward. It helps that the wall is shot by an artist behind the camera and augmented by the invisible hand of the god of light and shadow.

If this is a film still, it is still moving. If this is a painting, may it never stop. Long live Phlegm.

Our special thanks to Bob Anderson for capturing and sharing these images with BSA readers.



Phlegm (photo © Bob Anderson)


Phlegm blending with his characters as he makes progress on the wall. (photo © Bob Anderson)


Phlegm (photo © Bob Anderson)


Phlegm (photo © Bob Anderson)


Phlegm (photo © Bob Anderson)


Phlegm (photo © Bob Anderson)


Phlegm (photo © Bob Anderson)


Phlegm (photo © Bob Anderson)


Phlegm (photo © Bob Anderson)


Phlegm (photo © Bob Anderson)


Phlegm (photo © Bob Anderson)


Phlegm (photo © Bob Anderson)




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