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First Time EVER – The Street Artist in Cleveland

Posted on May 23, 2013

A Hammer, Pliers, and Kaleidascopic Vision

Street Artist EVER was in Cleveland with Nick Marzullo from Pawn Works as Nick visited his hometown neighborhood of Collinwood a few weeks ago. While there the native Argentinian did this huge colorful and compelling mural in his surrealist style – perhaps it is a scene depicting a master of industry controlling the tools of technology while a mass of workers is in tumult below him.  But just what does he see with those blue streams flowing from his eyes? Whatever the backstory is for his works, the talent and imagination are clear wherEVER he goes.

Nick wants to give a shout out to Amy Callahan of Arts Collinwood. Special thanks to Nick for these images.


Ever (photo © courtesy of Pawn Works Gallery)

Ever. Detail. (photo © courtesy of Pawn Works Gallery)

Ever. Detail. (photo © courtesy of Pawn Works Gallery)

Ever. Detail (photo © courtesy of Pawn Works Gallery)


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