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YZ Brings Classical Beauties to Streets of Berlin

Posted on February 28, 2013

Early celluloid startlets dripping with liquid opulence meet classical greek heroines draped in clinging peplos with these quietly elegant wheat-pasted pieces by French Street Artist YZ in Berlin. Bringing her vintage view of high culture to sometimes very decayed and mottled walls of neglect, the contrast creates a vibrational effect for the passerby, who might wonder how they got there. The black ink on silk paper creations are hers, but the images are archetypes from the popular imagination about women and their perceived role in society as decorative objects.

“The images are meant to be of alternately fatal, dreamy or provocative women that challenge our stereotypes,” says YZ, “Women are beautiful, strong, and confident. They are capable of changing the world, as they proved during the last century.”

YZ (photo © Yseult – YZ)

YZ (photo © Yseult – YZ)

YZ (photo © Yseult – YZ)

Special thanks to Guillaume Trotin of Open Walls and the artist for sharing these exclusive images with BSA readers.



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