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Jetsonorma at Bitter Springs

Posted on July 31, 2012

Doing Street Art projects is easier than you think. And harder than you think. Just because you can conceive of the 5 easy steps that it takes to get there, you still have to do those steps. Jetsonorama is continuously commingling his interests in community, medicine, sociology, photography, and public art – in a part of the country not known for streets, let alone Street Art.

“I spent all day sweating, hanging out with people from the community and a buddy from Flagstaff who helped me get pieces up,” Jetsonorama says of his latest project is in Bitter Springs, Arizona, a community where he also serves as a doctor on a reservation. His new action-blurred photographs are less about portrait and more about poetry on the rugged facades in this part of the country. Horses are more of a focus in his work also, as they figure prominently into the history of the people, as well as the present. With help from people in the community, Jetsonorama enables conversations to start and stories to be told through art and photography.

Jetsonorama. Bitter Springs, Arizona. (photo © Jetsonorama)

Jetsonorama. Bitter Springs, Arizona with help from a friend. (photo © James Martin)

Vendors laying out items for sale at market in Bitter Springs. Pasted images by Jetsonorama. (photo © Jetsonorama)

Jetsonorama. Bitter Springs, Arizona. (photo © Jetsonorama)

The skyline in Bitter Springs. (photo © Jetsonorama)

Read more about Jetsonorma’s work with the Navajo Nation in the current Issue of The Utne Reader Magazine.

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