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Max Zorn and a Roll of Packing Tape and a Razor

Posted on January 7, 2012

What? No Photoshop filter?

If you want to make something, you don’t need to spend a bunch of bucks. Once you train your eyes to see art everywhere, the limitations you accepted or self-imposed evaporate.

 A piece made with packing tape and a razor, hung on a lamp post. Max Zorn (still from video)

Since today is Saturday and I’m trying to clean up this apartment that has not seen a broom since back before the holiday vortex, I’m thinking about stuff like mops, paper towels, burning some sage, putting on some way-back music… and of course for high-end repair work around the mansion, duct tape. This dude Max Zorn uses packing tape as an art material, and it looks like he’s mastered it. Then he goes out and hangs it on lamp posts in Spain and Portugal. No need to complain that you don’t have a laptop or a degree, bro. Just go make some art.


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