Brooklyn Street Art

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English Kills Gallery Presents: Rob Andrews “Door Work” (Brooklyn, NY)

Door Work DOOR WORK October 22-November 5, 2011 /opening Oct 22 – performance begins at 8pm/ English Kills Art Gallery English Kills Art Gallery presents DOOR WORK, the first full solo exhibition of Rob Andrews’ work after a decade of rigorous investigation into the nature of myth, ritual, and the role of the storyteller. DOOR […]

The Active Space Presents: “The Rainbow Machine” by Reid Bingham and Sean McIntyre (Brooklyn, NY)

The Rainbow Machine “The Rainbow Machine” by Reid Bingham and Sean McIntyre. (Photo © Jaime Rojo) Reid Bingham and Sean McIntyre participated in this year Nuit Blanche New York 2011 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with their Rainbow Machine. This outdoor installation is the perfect photo-op and you’ll get that special memento to send your family back […]

Homo Riot Presents: “Fist Pump” at Hold Up Art Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)

What: Hold Up Art and Work Magazine present Fist Pump, a exhibition of new work from internationally recognized, Los Angeles-based activist and street artist Homo Riot, whose highly charged, and sometimes sexually explicit imagery have became part of the city’s socio-political and physical landscape. Homo Riot’s message started out as a “fuck you” to the […]

Occupy Wall Street: A Month-Long Wake Up Call In the Streets

Despite some clumsy attempts to draw parallels between the Tea Party protests in the summer of ’09 and the Occupy Wall Street marches that are now passing the one-month mark, the video and images have been perfectly clear. Back then we saw right wing cable hosts hard selling and health insurance companies charter-bussing as many […]