Brooklyn Street Art

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Joe Iurato Transending at “Living Walls : Albany”

Street Artist Joe Iurato went to church yesterday at St. Joseph’s in Albany, where a number of street artists have been putting together some great work this week. These pieces are floated in front of the walls, rather than painted directly on them out of respect for the original building, an the effect immediately makes [...]

Overunder and Broken Crow at “Living Walls : Albany”

Words by KC Orcutt Images by Andrew Franciosa and MC3 Overunder is a firecracker. From my initial participation in witnessing the Living Walls unfold in Albany, he has been nothing but a friendly and tireless ball of creative energy (in the best way possible) showing me parts of the city I grew up in that [...]

Street Artist ROA and a Dead Squirrel for Living Walls : Albany

Words by KC Orcutt Photos by MC3 and Andrew Franciosa Within moments of ROA’s arrival on site to his designated building for “Living Walls : Albany,” he spotted a recently departed squirrel, took it as a sign and it became quite clear what he was going to do next. The squirrel population in Albany is [...]

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