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Images of Week 08.02.09

Posted on August 2, 2009

Our Weekly Interview With the Streets

Akash Nihalani
Ripoff, Isoceles (Akash Nihalani) (photo Jaime Rojo

Dain 1943
Serious thug back in da day (Dain 1943)  (photo Jaime Rojo)

Dissed Art
Parrot Flame Thrower Dissed  (photo Jaime Rojo)

El Sol 25
Honey I decide to put on a quilt, light up, and get off the grid! (El Sol 25, N.Y.D.F. ) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Gallerie D' BQE
Gallerie D’ BQE  (photo Jaime Rojo)

Gallerie D' BQE
Installlation (Gallerie D’BQE)  (photo Jaime Rojo)

Strong images speak for themselves (KNF)  (photo Jaime Rojo)

Lady Trapeeze
Lady Trapeeze  (photo Jaime Rojo)

The headmistress hurriedly rushed to the choking child to provide resuscitation (OHM) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Peru Ana Peru
A thin filmstrip from Peru Ana Peru  (photo Jaime Rojo)

Please Do Not Forget Me
Please Do Not Forget Me (photo Jaime Rojo)

REVS (photo Jaime Rojo)

Smile (photo Jaime Rojo)

Space Invader
Space Invader (photo Jaime Rojo)

Elbow Toe and OHM
Elbow Toe and OHM (photo Jaime Rojo)

OHM (photo Jaime Rojo)


Cash Cow (Gaia) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Revs (photo Jaime Rojo)

Revs (photo Jaime Rojo)

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