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Robbie Conal: Politics & Blasphemy, Streetwise Caricatures for 3+ Decades

Robbie Conal: Politics & Blasphemy, Streetwise Caricatures for 3+ Decades

The political caricature is a treasured form of public discourse that still holds as much power as it did when we relied on the printing press. Able to express sentiment and opinion without uttering a syllable, the artist can sway the direction of conversation with skill, insight, and humor. Artist Robbie Conal has built a career from visually roasting the most sebaceous of our various leaders in the last few decades, often bringing his posters to the street and installing them in advertisers’ wildposting manner.

With the briefest of texts, slogans, or twisted nicknames, he reveals the underbelly as a face, dropping expectations into the sewer. If it were as simple as a political party, one might try to dismiss his work as only partisan. But Conal’s work functions more as an ex-ray, and frequently the resulting scan finds cancer.

In this newer book by author G. James Daichendt, EdD, who has written previously about Kenny Scharf and Shepard Fairey and in The Urban Canvas: Street Art Around the World (Weldon Owen, 2017), Conal is thoroughly recorded, examined, and explained. A street artist, among many other things, Daichendt calls Conal an “LA fixture and someone who is universally respected for the passion and vitality that he has brought to his work as an artist and teacher for several decades.”

Chapters of Conal’s interests and opinions are thoughtfully compiled and laid out, the artist seemingly never out of a fresh supply of political figures to skewer. As an object lesson, his practice is what draws him near and dear to the part of the street art community who uses the streets to communicate, advocate, and rebuke the hypocrisies in culture and politics

“I vividly remember the first time I saw Robbie Conal’s art because it felt like the exact thing I was meant to see but didn’t realize it until I experienced it,” says Shepard Fairey in his foreword. In his description, one can see that this artist has influenced Fairey, among others, but particularly.

“From that moment of discovering Robbie’s work forward, I had a clearer vision of what art could be… A poster on a corner utility box caught my eye … it was an image of Ronald Reagan on a bright yellow background with bold type that said CONTRA above and DICTION below. Then, a block later, I spotted another one. Now I was on the lookout, and the Contra-Diction posters seemed to be on every corner,” Fairey says. “This Contra-Diction poster spoke to me as a communiqué from a truthful voice of the people.”

High praise indeed.

ROBBIE CONAL / STREETWISE. 35 YEARS OF POLITICALLY CHARGED GUERRILLA ART. By G. James Daichendt. With a foreword by Shepard Fairey. Published by Schiffer Publishing LTD. Atglen, PA

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Red Hot and Street: “Art in the Streets” Brings Fire to MOCA

brooklyn-street-art-banksy-jaime-rojo-moca-art-in-the-streets-huffpost-04-11-web-15Banksy’s Reliquary (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Yes, Banksy is here. The giant “Art in the Streets” show opening this weekend at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles gives a patch of real estate to the international man of mystery who has contributed greatly to the worldwide profile of this soon to be, maybe already, mainstream phenomenon known as street art. A smattering of his pranksterism is an absolute must for any show staking claim to the mantle of comprehensive survey and an excellent way to garner attention. But “Streets” gets it’s momentum by presenting a multi-torch colorful and explosive people’s history that began way before Banksy was born and likely will continue for a while after.


Os Gemeos Untitled. Detail  (photo © Jaime Rojo)

To continue reading about this exhibition go to The Huffington Post ARTS by clicking on the link after the image below.


Direct link to article on HuffPost Arts

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“Marxist Glue” At Hold Up Art Gallery in LA


The young Hold Up Gallery in the Japantown section of Los Angeles currently has a sleek and smart-alec show that shouts for attention.  Drawing a clear connection between today’s graphic design-savvy Street Artists and their anti-corporate fascist/ punk rock/ culture-jamming roots, this show is a delicious collection of disgusted discontent.  Thanks to its relative proximity to the Museum of Contemporary Art, which is assembling an inaugural Street Art spectacular next spring under it’s new director, Jeffrey Deitch, the show has an added dimension of interest. A collection of polished pungency, “Marxist Glue” heralds the smooth collection as a survey of current LA street artists.

Artist and Columnist Gordy Grundy says the show is “Sticky” in his Huffington Post article:

“Marxist Glue, a new street art show curated by Toks Shoyoye, redefines the Los Angeles community and challenges MOCA. Curator Toks Shoyoye has stomped his foot and the earth has quaked. Marxist Glue is a group show, actually a historical gathering, of 13 Los Angeles artists. This show covers an epoch and illustrates the motivations of a movement. Los Angeles street art shall be redefined”

Continue reading and see images of the show at Huffington Post Arts here…

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“Fun Friday” 05.14.10 from your delirious friends at BSA


Looking though our BSA records, we haven’t had a Fun Friday since way back before Obamacare was approved and the Communists took over and the Death Panels were installed. Now that it is just all of us degenerates left running the place, let’s look at some of the important cultural signifiers (as Gaia would say) that are shaping our world….


100 Artists Pimped the Dark Side
100 Artists Pimped the Dark Side for “The Vader Project”

Through four tour stops (LA, London, Tokyo and the Warhol Museum), The Vader Project has thrilled Star Wars fans, collectors and art enthusiasts with a staggering display of 100 artist customized Darth Vader replica 1:1 helmets.  Now with news of the Vader Project auction at Freeman’s (7.10), collectors can bid on the amazing one of a kind helmets.


To celebrate both the completed tour and the auction, the Vader Project has prepared a full-color catalog  featuring all one hundred helmets (2 page spreads for each, 200 pages total). It’s available for pre-order now for $40.

If you live in or around LA, don’t miss the Auction Preview presented by Freemans opening on June 11th (6- 10 PM) through the 20th, with a special catalog signing on Saturday the 12th @ 2 PM.   Full details on

Middle School Kid Blows Roof Off Auditorium with Lady Gaga Cover

“Don’t Ask Don’t blah blah blah”

You say Tomato

2 things about this trailer for an upcoming movie about graffiti in New York…
1. We cover street art, which is similar but I’m not expert on graff – so don’t ask me
for some great opinion on the matter
2. I love the dramatic tension created in the fast cutting of opinions here, and then the sudden swelling of heroic Viking choruses of fat ladies in strapless gowns and pointy Viking Helmets  comes out of nowhere from the dark ages, creating visions of brutish butchering armies in armor with V-shaped shields in one hand and cans of spray paint in the other.  Onward, Upward!

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