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ROA in Mexico, Gambia, and Cambodia

Globetrotting the Man-Made World, Listening to the Natural One

It’s sort of unprecedented to see how far ROA has gone this year, and how much work he has done. When people say that well-worn phrase “catching up with _____”, in his case you’d be out of breath. Here is a Street Artist who has very effectively escaped the street, an introvert traveling quietly in the extroverted world, with open eyes and an acute talent for observation; decoding the universe through study of the natural, and unnatural.

Today we debut new images taken by ROA from his travels in 2012 to three continents, leaving his footprints in the soil in villages and towns, studying creatures and the humans around them. As soon as he arrives at his host country he shakes hands of the people and smiles and sets his mind to observe his surroundings, taking interest in what roams free on the ground. He asks about available walls and when possible he selects a perfect one – the more imperfect the wall somehow the more perfect for him. From there it’s a simpler matter of immortalizing the critters and creatures that are all around and usually overlooked.

ROA here gives BSA readers these exclusive images of his travels to Cambodia, The Gambia, and Mexico with some of his observations, and we thank him.


In his second trip to Mexico City, ROA powerfully depicted struggle that commands attention across a large wall. “The snake with rats in her tail strangled. And as Jaime knows, the snake is very important for the pre-hispanic culture in Mexico,” says ROA.

ROA. Mexico City. All City Canvas Festival. 2012 (photo © ROA)

ROA. Cholula, Mexico 2012 (photo © ROA)

“Cholula is legendary known for the 365 churches to celebrate every day another saint,” ROA says in reference to this city in Puebla. Legendary is the right word, as there are actually only about 160 chapels in the town and surrounding haciendas, but the powerful influence of the Catholic Church here may account for the impression that there is one for each day of the year.

ROA. Cholula, Mexico 2012 (photo © ROA)


ROA. Makumbaya, The Gambia. 2012. (photo © ROA)

ROA. Bakau, The Gambia. 2012 (photo © ROA)

“This was my second visit to the Makasutu Forest, The Gambia,” ROA explains as he describes getting his camera and computer stolen after his last trip – where many of the photos from that trip were lost. Thankfully he had retained some of his images from that trip, and here they are.  “The choice of the animals was mostly inspired by the moment; I would walk there and see a beatle, toad, lizard, .. and just paint it. The mosquito is the insect that has the biggest impact on the people’s daily conditions and health,” he says.

ROA. Kubuneh, The Gambia. 2012 (photo © ROA)

ROA. Kubuneh, The Gambia. 2012 (photo © ROA)

ROA. Roaming Cows, The Gambia. 2012 (photo © ROA)

ROA. Gunjur Beach, The Gambia. 2012 (photo © ROA)

ROA. Galoya, The Gambia. 2012 (photo © ROA)

ROA. Galoya, The Gambia. 2012 (photo © ROA)

ROA. Galoya, The Gambia. 2012 (photo © ROA)

ROA. The Gambia. 2011 (photo © ROA)

ROA. Galoya, The Gambia. 2011 (photo © ROA)

ROA. Babooms, Galoya, The Gambia. 2011 (photo © ROA)


Here on the invitation of  TheSk8Room (Bruxelles) ROA also gave some workshops to local youth, and had the opportunity to create something special for the tower of a school in Phnom Peng called Pour un sourire d’enfant (PSE).

“Because we spent time in the jungle near Vietnam two days before, I chose to paint a firefly. After sunset we hiked up the hill and we got to see hundreds of them in the middle of the tropics. Magical!” , he exclaims. He says that the firefly is important because  light pollution threatens her existence as that is the method fireflies use to communicate with one another.  “They produce with their lower body a yellow/green luminescent light, and cancer researchers observing them have posited the possibility that they would could kill cancer cells. They are very magical bugs!”

ROA. Sakateistan, Cambodia. 2012 (photo © ROA)

ROA. Kep, Cambodia. 2012 (photo © ROA)

ROA. Kep, Cambodia. 2012 (photo © ROA)

ROA. Kep, Cambodia. 2012 (photo © ROA)

“During our two days stay in the forest we visited Kep,” says ROA remembering his time in the small town near Vietnam. “It  once functioned as the “French Riviera” of Cambodia, and you can see this in the villas they left behind, evidence of the former wealth of the area.” Unfortunately, many of the villas were destroyed during the time of the Khmer Rouge, he says. “Nowadays they are shelters for homeless people and for roaming animals.”

ROA. Kep, Cambodia. 2012 (photo © ROA)

ROA wishes to thank the following people:

Gonzalo, Roberto, and Jalil, Jesus and Francisco in Mexico City. All City Canvas.

Christian Milamores in Cholula, Puebla.

Lawrence at Wide Open Walls, The Gambia.

The people at TheSk8Room (Bruxelles) for inviting him to visit Cambodia.


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Anonymus Gallery Presents: Maya Hayuk “Apocabliss” (Mexico City, MX)


MAYA HAYUK obsesses with symmetry and nourishing color played out in what might be viewed from a kaleidoscope, an aura, or visual mantra. Embracing sexuality and spirituality via symbolism evocative of radiantly woven geometries and parted orifices of the body, her work tries to decode a process towards continuity and wholeness while striking chords of an almost pathological optimism.

Apocalypse: the end of the universe, the collapse of civilization. Bliss: euphoria, peace and joy. The marriage of these 2 words is Apocabliss. With the turn of the New Year, 2012 brought with it prophesies of disaster based on interpretations of the Mayan calendar. Maya Hayuk’s solo exhibition, 2012 APOCABLISS embraces this theme but instead reflects on the possibility of the beginning – the desire to accept positive visions of a future renewed, rather than those of death and destruction. Since ancient times the end of world has brought a haunting pessimism. However Hayuk understands the meaning of these forecasts instead as a transformation in the order of the world as we know it. The real journey of evolution results in the spirit of what remains. Apocabliss is the end of an era beckoning euphoria, peace, and the joy of change.

From her large-scale murals to works on canvas, Maya Hayuk uses bold, explosive colors that often double and refract abstract shapes in proportioned patterns that literally vibrate off the canvas and walls. Layers of electric colors organically bleed and drip into new ones, creating psychedelic zones where space and time collide and form new visual wormholes. Influences abound from Madras patterns and Mexican hand woven blankets, Ukrainian crafts and holograms. Maya Hayuk explores concepts of light, space, fractals and symmetry. Painted diptychs, mirrored versions of each other, like rorschach tests or the two hemispheres of the mind, perfectly flawed in their symmetry. A visual utopia is created through the perfect state of geometric abstraction and subjective composition.

Maya Hayuk is a muralist, painter, and photographer, who’s been living in Brooklyn for the past decade. Her work has been shown internationally, including at New Image Art in LA, Gallery 16 in San Francisco, A.L.IC.E. Gallery in Brussels, and MU, Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, as well as large-scale murals in Brazil, Bejing, the Bahamas, Chile. Maya frequently collaborates with other artists and musicians. She has been a member of the artist collective BARNSTORMERS since 2002 alongside artists including Swoon, David Ellis, Doze Green and Ryan Mc Ginness. She has also produced work for musicians such as M.I.A., TV on the Radio, The Flaming Lips, Devendra Banhardt, Seun Kuti, Prefuse 73, Awesome Color, Oakley Hall, Home, Animal Collective, Dan Deacon and The Beastie Boys, amongst others.

The exhibition 2012 APOCABLISS at Anonymous Gallery in Mexico City marks Maya Hayuk’s first SOLO exhibition with the Gallery. In April Hayuk is also participating in HIGH FIVE, a group show at New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles. In June she will launch a 2-person show with Paul Wackers at A.L.I.C.E. Gallery in Brussels and will be publishing another series of screen prints with Pictures on Walls.

173 Zacatecas
Col. Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc
Ciudad de México, Mexico 06700

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Broken Crow: A Mexican Travelog Part II


Brooklyn-Street-Art-Broken-Crow-WEB-Mexico-copyright-Broken-Crow-lion-animationHere’s an update for the trip to Mexico City by Street Art duo Broken Crow, who have been hitting up some walls in this gigante city of 30 million.

Guests of El Museo del Juguete Antiguo México (The Antique Toy Museum) in collaboration with MAMUTT Arte, John Grider and Mike Fitzsimmons are taking in the local color and creating some of their own.

Says John about the lion and lion cub piece they worked on all day Tuesday, “Today we’re painting the perfect spot for the perfect stencil.”


Broken Crow process shot (photo © Broken Crow)


The brand new finished piece by Broken Crow. (photo © Broken Crow)


A cell phone shot of the owl that will be watching over cars in the basement parking lot. Broken Crow (photo © Broken Crow)


Broken Crow. When you are in Mexico City you really can’t pass up an opportunity to see a live Luchadores match. (photo © Broken Crow)


We’re really looking forward to seeing this finished piece after the scaffolding comes down today. (photo © Broken Crow)


A couple of friends who are waiting for their place on stage. (photo © Broken Crow)

With special thanks to Roberto Shimizu of MUJAM and Gonzalo Alvarez of Mamutt Arte


All images copyright of and courtesy of Broken Crow

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Broken Crow : A Mexican Travelog


Minneapolis Street Art duo Broken Crow are in Mexico City for the first time to install a number of new pieces with Street Artists SupaKitch and Koralie.  Guests of El Museo del Juguete Antiguo México (The Antique Toy Museum) in collaboration with MAMUTT Arte, John and Mike invite the BSA family to tag along with these impromptu snaps as they discover inspiration on the streets of D.F.  So far they are pretty blown away by the stuff they’ve seen in the museum and in the streets.  It will be exciting to see how it affects their output on walls.

With special thanks to Roberto Shimizu of MUJAM and Gonzalo Alvarez of Mamutt Arte


John calls this “Your Morning Inspiration”Brooklyn-Street-Art-Broken-Crow-Mar2011-Our-new-friends

A look inside a closet at the Antique Toy Museum


“El Enmascarado de Plata” (The Silver Masked Luchador)


Roberto and Mike mugging for the camera. What’s the Spanish translation for mind on the money and money on the mind”?


A little blurry but it’s a cool detail from a larger piece Mike found in the museum.


Here’s the view down from the scaffolding as Broken Crow was scoping out the new gigante piece they started today.  We’ll show you the progress on the next Mexican Travelog!


All images copyright of and courtesy of Broken Crow

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Fun Friday 01.28.11


Titi Freak makes print for OneThirty3


Titi Freak (image courtesy of OneThirty3)

Titi Freak from São Paulo via Japan has created a unique voice in Street Art in the last decade. A perfect East-West mashup of all the things you kids love… fashion, pop, illustration, commix, graff, and color. He’s got a new print coming out Feb 24 with OneThirty3 and we have a sneak peak here.


More info at OneThirty3

Ben Eine in Action

Breaking: ROA and SEGO making new piece in Mexico City

From on the scene reporter Gonzalo Gag we got the news that a Street Art duet is taking place on the streets of D.F. right now.


Sego and ROA scope out the wall (photos © and courtesy of Gonzalo Gag) – Please credit.

How To Sell A Banksy

Winter Wonderland in Brooklyn

These photos by Jaime Rojo give you a little idea of the magic we had this week in the BK.

“Urban Diorama” (Photo © Jaime Rojo)


Red Vespa (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Don’t Forget LIVE Chat on Brooklynite Monday Night

You can chat with Martyn Reed of Nuart LIVE when you log in and see the WORLD DEBUT of the film this Monday the 31st.  It’s free and you might win a copy of the film. More HERE


Ever Wonder Why You Are Nervous All the Time?

Swearword Alert! Hilarious spoof on the predilictions of those cable news stations that tell you it’s ALL EMERGENCY ALL THE TIME!

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