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Olivia Laita, Wishes And Hopes For 2019

Olivia Laita, Wishes And Hopes For 2019

As we draw closer to the new year we’ve asked a very special guest every day to take a moment to reflect on 2018 and to tell us about one photograph that best captures the year for them. It’s a box of treats to surprise you with every day – and conjure our hopes and wishes for 2019. This is our way of sharing the sweetness of the season and of saying ‘Thank You’ to you for inspiring us throughout the year.

Today’s special guest:

Olivia Laita, Curator, Arts Manager with ONO’U Festival in Tahiti, Founder of Aotearoa Urban Arts Trust in Auckland, New Zealand

Why this photo?

This photo captures a point in current time here in Auckland, New Zealand, of a generation of Polynesians who are a product of their parents migration and resulting Pacific Diaspora. Through the power of the Internet reconnecting the people of the Moana, Polynesians are moving to the forefront to tell their own stories through their own creative platforms, rather than through anthropological-like viewpoints set by modern day colonialists.

What do you wish for 2019?

For all creative practitioners to explore and learn about their ancestral identities through the engagement of all five senses in real space, with little help from books and search engines, in hope that it may influence their work in unique ways.

Auckland, New Zealand

TITLE: Untitled, 2018

MODEL: Luciane Buchanan

CREATIVE DIRECTION: Luciane Buchanan & Brendan Kitto

LOCATION: Auckland, New Zealand

PHOTO: Brendan Kitto


Olivia Laita
Curator/Arts Manager –
CEO of Aotearoa Urban Arts Trust –

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BSA Film Friday: 07.11.14

BSA Film Friday: 07.11.14




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Auckland’s Al Fresco Festival
2.”Where The Food Grows” by Noah Throop
3. Herakut: You Are A Marvel.
4. Pils – Automotywacja (Motivation)
5. Rowdy – “Black Cab To Rehab” by Creative Urban Industries

BSA Special Feature: Auckland’s Al Fresco Festival

A fresh look at Al Fresco and the pentameter of motion here as New Zealands own public/private community based street art festival came back for its second iteration this May. A nicely polished piece like this is the product of a lot of work, inspiration, and organizing and a shout out to Ross Liew and the Cut Collective and Cleo Barnett for good work.

Where The Food Grows by Noah Throop

“Having the hens on fresh pasture lets them express their chicken-ness”

Usually on our Film Friday section we include one short film or video not related to Street Art, Graffiti or Urban Art. Often it is a video to welcome the weekend and cheer you up with some silly, fun content. This time we’d like to share with you a short film about FOOD. Food right? Well food is a very complex topic, from what we eat to where we eat to where the food is grown and how it reaches our tables and eventually our mouths. At at time when small family farming is almost gone from our modern production of food and some city neighborhoods can’t even get access to a grocery store, here is a documentary portrait of a small family farm in Byron Bay, NSW Australia. It’s worth a conversation about where the food grows.


Herakut: You Are A Marvel. From LeBasse Projects

“We must all work to make the world worthy of it’s children.”

Agreed. By the way, Herakut is a marvel.

Pils – Automotywacja (Motivation)

Legal or illegal, dudes are still painting man. Remember all those trains back in the day NYC? This is  Polish rapper Pils singing about motivation in 2014, yo. Maybe he is in Rzeszów?

Disclaimer: we don’t know what the lyrics are saying so if there’s a swear word, sorry.

Rowdy – “Black Cab To Rehab” by Creative Urban Industries

And finally, a crocodile cartoon that will remind you of New York traffic.

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LA + Auckland Honor Askew One, Graffiti and Street Artist

It’s not often that a major city gives a spotlight to a graffiti / Street Artist and issues a formal proclamation about it, but that is exactly what happened Saturday in Los Angeles. AskewOne, a native of one of LA’s sister cities, Auckland, New Zealand , was honored by the City as his new mural “Under the Influence” was unveiled as part of the LA Freewalls Project.

“It’s much more likely in this city that a graffiti artist will be arrested than be recognized for positive contributions to the community”, as LA Taco reports, but really when you consider the major inroads that the LA Freewalls Project has made into the dialogue around the value of Street Art in LA’s local politics, it can’t be entirely surprising. It probably helps that the image itself incorporates the American flag into the composition– sort of disarms that whole negative rant that some politicos use when lumping Street Artists together with other social scourges like drug addiction, domestic terrorism, and the Ice Capades, doesn’t it?

Askew One for LA Freewalls Project (photo © Todd Mazer)

“AskewOne is one of the world’s preeminent public artists, and one of the most accomplished contemporary graffiti writers,” says Daniel LaHoda, who spearheads LA Freewalls and who also hosted the inauguration of the new LALA gallery Saturday night with many of today’s best known Street Artist’s work on the walls. According to an official press release, the now famous LA mural moratorium will soon be lifted and “Kamilla Blanche, Senior Deputy for Arts and Culture, and the Director for Sister Cities, is excited about the possibilities to expand Los Angeles’ place as the national epicenter of public art.”

BSA is very pleased to be able to share with you these images of the new piece as shot by photographer Todd Mazer.

Askew One for LA Freewalls Project (photo © Todd Mazer)

Askew One for LA Freewalls Project (photo © Todd Mazer)

Askew One for LA Freewalls Project (photo © Todd Mazer)

Askew One for LA Freewalls Project (photo © Todd Mazer)

Askew One for LA Freewalls Project (photo © Todd Mazer)

To learn more about Los Angeles Sister Cities Program click here.

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