Stolen Space Gallery Presents: Shepard Fairey “Sound & Vision”. (London, UK)

Shepard Fairey





19th October – 4th November 2012

The Old Truman Brewery

StolenSpace Gallery are delighted to announce a solo exhibition of work by Shepard Fairey opening on 19th October 2012. This will be Fairey’s second major London exhibition, following his collaboration with the Gallery in 2007. It will feature a range of new works including mixed media paintings on canvas, works on paper, retired stencils collages, rubylith cuts, and as well as serigraphs on wood, metal and paper

Entitled Sound and Vision, the exhibition title is taken from the David Bowie song of the same name. Bowie has been a major influence on Fairey, because he was able to master music and visual presentation with equal virtuosity. Music is an artistic medium that Fairey reveres almost more than he does visual art. He comments: “Music is visceral, but also has the additional powerful layers of the lyrics, with their content and politics, and the style, politics, and personalities of the musicians themselves. No matter how much I love art, or try to convince myself of its relevance in society, the fact remains that music is much more able to reach people’s hearts and minds.” The artist hopes to be able to induce in people, even a fraction of the emotion that hearing a new song or listening to a familiar one can evoke.

Sound and Vision, will incorporate a diverse array of mixed media works, which embody both the political and social influences on Fairey’s work, particularly that which is directly inspired by music. It is not only David Bowie, but also the Sex Pistols, Roxy Music, Gang of Four, the Clash and Metallica which have had an impact on Fairey’s work. To encourage viewers to experience an interaction between music and art, the artist will provide records from his own collection as well as customised vintage turntables to enable viewer listening. This section of the show is complemented by a display of eighty works which have the same 12×12” dimension as an LP sleeve. The artist will therefore use both sound and vision to connect with his audience.

Over the last five years the artist has seen a meteoric rise with a series of international projects and exhibitions. In 2008 his portrait of the then Democratic candidate, Barack Obama, with the message of ‘HOPE’ under the illustration, became an internationally recognised emblem of the campaign and a symbol political change for many. Since last exhibiting in London, Fairey has continued to progress with his art and with a/ 20 Year Retrospective museum exhibition that began at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston in 2009 and continued to the Warhol Museum and Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati. Last year, he was commissioned by TIME Magazine to design a cover in celebration of ‘The Protester’, an anonymous figure representative of momentous world demonstrations such as the Arab Spring and Occupy movement.

Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL
United Kingdom

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Street Signals 10.03.09

Street Signals -News Off the Wires from Brooklyn Street Art

Madonna’s Latest Released this Week with new cover artwork by Street Artist Mr. Brainwash (MBW)

Cover art by MBW for a re-packaged collection of songs.

Cover art by MBW for a re-packaged collection of songs.

Calling it a collection of music that “changed the world”, McDonna uses the the energy and irony of real world street art splatter to re-face past hits. The 3rd greatest hits collection appropriates street artist MBW’s recent campaign of Andy Warhol “Marilyn”-inspired large pasteups which appeared on New York streets this spring and summer.

A 19 year old image of the performer during the height of her popularity is photoshopped inside the 1967 image of pop artist Andy Warhol’s silkscreened series of Marilyn Monroe.  Warhol had appropriated a publicity photo of Monroe for the 1953 movie “Niagara”, revolutionizing the art world by employing a mass-production technique that simultaneously cheapened the image and canonized it.

MBW pieces this spring in New York featured Madonna and Angelina Jolie-like faces inside a Marilyn Monroe hairdo (photo Jaime Rojo)
MBW pieces this spring in New York featured Madonna and Angelina Jolie-like faces inside a Marilyn Monroe hairdo (photo Jaime Rojo)

In his own satiric twist on the modern icons of celebrity culture, the French street artist had similarly placed competitors for the Marilyn throne such as Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie alongside others clearly not in the running such as Larry King and Leonard Nimoy.  The large scale of the pieces drove home the comedic effect and simultaneously elevated and parodied the meek contributions of pop fame.


Quick Reader Technology: Deal directly from the gallery on the Streets with your iPhone

Will this knock out the bricks and mortar gallery middleman?

Example QR Code

In a development in Street Art that may have ramifications previously unthinkable, some online re-sellers of street art are testing QR two-dimensional codes that can be read by your cell phonte as a way of connecting with your favorite street artist’s work. A two-dimensional bar code (like the one above) is intended to contain information which can be scanned quickly and easily by electronic devices.

Street Art Dealer is one of the first online re-sellers (but not the last) to use QR technology.

Of course this will not stop taggers from going over the little QR code carefully placed on or near your piece, and it may make it easier to track you down by law enforcement if your work is illegal, so no one expects a fool-proof employment of this technology.  But imagine going on a gallery-of-the streets tour with your headphones on, listening to an online tour that is triggered by scanning the QR code.  Or imagine doing some holiday shopping and never walking into a store.

Using your phone and a QR reading software, you could find out where to see Dain's show! (image Steven P. Harrington)
Using just your phone you could get an artist bio, price list, a GPS map to see more examples at a gallery, order a piece directly… (image Steven P. Harrington)

In London, street artists C6 and Steal From Work have already begun testing the idea. This innovative use of QR code technology was be showcased during an exhibition on the streets of Bristol in July.  Read more HERE.

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Quality of Life Show at Factory Fresh

Quality of Life is a strong collection by four of New York’s most intrepid photographers on the street art and street life scene today.

Luna Park, Jake Dobkin, Sam Horine & Street Stars; Each omnivore draws upon a wealth of stunning images from their pavement pounding and street gazing for the last half decade – Collectively the four represent the literal far reaches of our city limits, guaranteeing you a view of the city that you’ve never seen.

Quality of Life

Factory Fresh Gallery

1053 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11237

Opening Reception October 10, 2008

6 to 10 pm

Show runs till October 31

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Fairey Dust on the Cover

Okay it’s true we have street art on the brain and everything looks like it’s been influenced by our favorite street artists and we see the smart-headed media pick it up more quickly than ever…and soon the whole world is under the spell…

..but these two magazine covers are fresh off the news stands this week and it’s hard to not notice that the punk rock stencil aesthetic finally reaches to the presidency.

Stencil Bush promises to explain all.

The stencil president promises to explain all in Newsweek.

New York Magazine with woman behind the successful man.

New York Magazine with the woman behind the successful man.

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Armsrock the Explorer

Humanity trudging through the debris (Armsrock)       (photo Jaime Rojo)

Humanity trudging through the debris (Armsrock) (photo Jaime Rojo)

No words describe the wanderlust of Armsrock, who is continually en route these days back and forth across the pond.  In search of the secrets to the human condition and social geopolitical causation, his drawings depict the everyman and everywoman on the street; venturing into complex feelings of isolation, fear, hope, community.  As his insight grows, he eagerly shares it with the viewer; always treating the subjects, the people, with dignity.

After seeing them in person, we’re excited to see where he’s going to go with his 3-D diarama boxes – clearly they are studies for bigger things…. large scale installations? interactive virtual tours?  Set design?  Wherever Armsrock goes exploring, we hope to be there.

This spring Armsrock’s been creating and showing in San Francisco’s Fifty 24SF Gallery with D*Face ; at the moment right here in Brooklyn as part of Ad Hoc’s Poets of Paste show, and concurrently he’s paired with Chris Stain and Poncho at BlackRat Gallery in London.

Here’s an insightful look at Armsrock courtesy Daniel Lahoda and

Armsrock Interview

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