Stencil of the Week 10.16.10


As chosen by Samantha Longhi of Stencil History X

Animus "Soggettivismo" From a picture by John Steven Fernandez (Photo © Animus)

“Soggettivismo”, from a picture by John Steven Fernandez by Animus (Photo © Animus)

Nazza Hênîa y Kâmîare / ¡Kom-chingôn! / Cordoba  (Photo © Nazza)

Nazza Hênîa y Kâmîare / ¡Kom-chingôn! / Cordoba (Photo © Nazza)

Anonymous on the streets of Haiffa, Israel (Photo © Lois Stavsky)

Anonymous on the streets of Haifa, Israel (Photo © Lois Stavsky)

Sot Old in scarf / IRAN-Tabriz (Photo © Sot)

From Iran, Street Artist Sot in Tabriz (Photo © Sot)

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“Know Hope” Depicts Conflict in Israel

Know Hope’s figures are frequently in conflict with one another or with themselves, with no one appearing to win, and everyone damaged – sometimes with copious blood dripping and limbs askew or missing .  After a visit by Irish street artist Conor Harrington, who did a new piece with him a couple of weeks ago, it looks like Know Hope got inspired to do some new solo wall pieces.  Both of them are quite moving.


This one is particularly well placed in a context of a dilapidated structure – as if the history of the room bespeaks a conflict of it’s former inhabitants, who obviously ran out of time.


This larger scale piece is accompanied around the corner with a poem that some how gives voice to the piece.  I’d rather let the piece speak for itself this time.

(both images courtesy the artist)

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Stencil Top 5 for 03.22.10 on BSA


The Stencil Top 5 as picked by Samantha Longhi of StencilHistoryX

Stencil duo Broken Crow in Austin Texas (photo courtesy the artist)

C215 during the Urbart event in Paris at the Institut de Gestion Supérieur (IGS) (image courtesy the artist)

Orticanoodles did these stencils on a refrigerator in Vitry-sur-Seine (photo courtesy the artist)

SOT from Iran
Iranian artist SOT presents a child soldier on canvas (25 x 25 cm) (image courtesy the artist)

“It Never Rains”, artist Penny gets rid of the squid with this piece of heavy machinery (image courtesy the artist)

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