Ron English – “Now You See It” During Spring Art Fair Blitz

Amidst the aesthetic avalanche that is Spring Art Week in New York, you will also find many artists have shows in galleries in Manhattan that are timed to catch the wayward art buyer or tastemaker who is in NYC just for another minute. It is an excellent way to expose the artist to a potentially new audience, to re-invite collectors who already have their work but who are in town this week anyway, to give a fully expressed exhibition of their work that may be more closely aligned with their work than a 12’ x 12’ art fair booth.

Ron English. Alien LSD 1, 2023. NOW YOU SEE IT. Allouche Gallery NYC. (photo courtesy of the gallery)

The world-renowned pop culture hybrid artist temps those who stray from the path with “Now You See It” at Allouche Gallery NYC with a new solo exhibition featuring a twisted and tasty series of oil paintings that invite visitors into English’s immersive world that blends pop culture references, art history, politics, and a bit of biting social commentary.

Ron English.  Action Classicism in Delusionville, 2023, 2023. NOW YOU SEE IT. Allouche Gallery NYC. (photo courtesy of the gallery)

English has been widely recognized as a street artist, toy designer, and pop culture provocateur, but his oeuvre extends beyond the labels; His work spans a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, illustration, and installation. His set building is on full display at Allouche with intricate 3D-printed and hand-sculpted elements that conjure an imaginative universe, populated as they are with a range of unique characters, including three-eyed rabbits, grinning skulls, and anthropomorphic mascots from American corporate culture.

As is his talent, you’ll find that English reappropriates classic masterpieces with his cast of characters or icons of late-century pop culture, extracting new meanings from beloved art while displacing and weaving in his own slick and sticky brand of cultural critique.

Ron English. Expressionism, 2023. NOW YOU SEE IT. Allouche Gallery NYC. (photo courtesy of the gallery)

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ADAA Art Show
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Now You See It

Allouche Gallery is pleased to announce an upcoming solo show entitled “Now You See It” by world-renowned artist Ron English at Allouche Gallery NYC (77 Mercer Street New York New York 10012).

Opening reception of “Now You See It” by Ron English on Saturday May 20th from 6-9 pm at Allouche Gallery NYC