D*Face on the Silver Screen in Milan

London-based street artist, fine artist and muralist D*Face reminds us about the power of cinema as a comforting vehicle to escape reality. With Silver Screen Eye-Cons, his new show opening today at Wunderkammern, he takes well-known artwork from classic movies and customizes it with his visual vocabulary.

Whether these classics cause you to recall the soothing anonymity of a darkened movie theater and early childhood silver screens or the quick flick you just watched on your phone on the plane to Miami, classic artwork by artists often formed your perceptions and impressions. With his first solo exhibition here in Milan, D*Face culls work from his vast archives of movie memorabilia and invites you to his world of pop dreams, romantic idealism, terrifying characters of doomed days in Zombieland, and damsels in distress caught in the embrace of handsome knights trapped forever in the afterlife.

D*Face. “Nosferatu”. (photo © D*Face Studio)

“With the Silver Screen Eye-Cons exhibition at Wunderkammern, DFace offers a wide range of his works and ideas, with some new elements. […] it should not be forgotten that it was the big screen that made DFace what he is. In fact, it was the 1980s when a very young Dean was thunderstruck by Michael J. Fox’s skateboard in Back to the Future, beginning a journey first into the world of skateboarding and then into the aesthetics of sticker art and street art. Perhaps this is also why DFace felt the need to contaminate old movie posters; proposing, for the Milan exhibition, a selection of Hollywood and Italian film posters: from Django to Platoon, from Il padrino to La mosca, passing through Scarface and Klaus Kinski’s Nosferatu. In these works DFace’s characters, brands, and style contaminate the posters and appropriate and desecrate them, transforming them into “aPOPalyptic” visions, to use a term dear to him.” -Silvano Manganaro

D*Face. “D’Jango”. (photo © D*Face Studio)

“Throughout the history of cinema, film has been used as a method of escaping reality. More so today than ever, we are allowed to exist in alternate realities which can be endlessly rewatched and revisited – never letting us down because we know how they start and end. […] Are these classics really as good as we hold them up to be, or is it time to take off the rose tints for a better look?” – D*Face

D*Face. “Run Away. Classic Red”. (photo © D*Face Studio)
D*Face (photo © D*Face Studio)


 Silver Screen Eye-Cons

Press Preview 12 April 5.30 p.m.

Opening 12 April 6.30 p.m.

Wunderkammern Via Nerino 2, Milan