Tread the Path Less Traveled: Shoe Creates “Unmovement” in Amsterdam

Using a 1992 Buick Park Avenue as your painting utensil is completely normal in late capitalism. So is calling yourself Shoe.

In his latest exhibition, the graffiti writer and contemporary artist Niels Shoe Meulman takes us the extra mile inside his shiny blue “paintbrush,” crushing cans in the process, tracking patterns across the canvas in a smoothly violent kinetic joyride. Unlike other tools one uses to create paintings, this Buick is central to the show.

Did you guess that he would coin a term? The author of “Calligraffiti” may imagine that this automotive move into contemporary art will be adopted by other’s who want to write with a steering wheel. In promotion of this UNMOVEMENT, “the artist reached what he semi-ironically calls Carrigraffiti: signs, interventions, actual paintings created by using his car as a tool.”

Niels SHOE Meulman. ZERO KELVIN (MINUS 273 DEGREES CELSIUS). (photo courtesy of The Curators Room)

Can you imagine a branding collaboration with Formula 1 racers and, say Montana Colors, as curated by the driver at the head of the pack, Shoe? What would that track look like? And would it be contemporary art?

Sara van Bussel, the art curator, researcher, and writer based in Milan, tells us this work is of the moment. “If everything is the contrary of everything we find ourselves here,” she says, “in the midst of a still movement, a temporal interval in the constant transformation of matter, absorbing Shoe’s work as precisely what it is: the paradox of our time.”

Niels SHOE Meulman. ALL DISORDER DISAPPEARS. (photo courtesy of The Curators Room)

SHOE /// 2023

The Curators Room is proud to announce UNMOVEMENT, a solo exhibition by SHOE featuring his most recent body of work.

(in cooperation with Niels Shoe Meulman, Amsterdam and Gabriel Rolt, Barcelona)

Niels SHOE Meulman. NOTHING CAN BE COLDER. (photo courtesy of The Curators Room)
Niels SHOE Meulman. ON AND UNDER THE VULCANO. (photo courtesy of The Curators Room)
Niels SHOE Meulman. PERMANENTLY CLOSED. (photo courtesy of The Curators Room)
Niels SHOE Meulman. Process shot. (photo courtesy of The Curators Room)
Niels SHOE Meulman. Process shot. (photo courtesy of The Curators Room)

SHOE UNMOVEMENT(Curated by Gabriel Rolt for The Curators Room) Click HERE for additional information.
7  April  –  27 May,  2023 
🥂Opening:  Friday, 7 April, 17 – 21 hrs

Video by:
Sander Lanen
Live DJ set by:
Cristel Ball

Location: The Curators Room – Art Chapel AmsterdamPrinses Irenestraat 19 AMSTERDAM