A discussion with the artists Sebastian Wandl, Honey & Philip Wallisfurth

We’re pleased to invite you to a discussion about climate change at the Martha Cooper Library (MCL) at Urban Nation in Berlin about a new book by author Xavier Tapies called “Graffiti in Times of Climate Crisis”.

The book examines the role of street art in addressing environmental issues and promoting sustainability. In it, Tapies focuses on how street artists and graffiti writers use their art to raise awareness about climate change and ecological degradation. The upcoming book release will join others by Tapies called “Street Art and the War on Terror: How the World’s Best Graffiti Artists Said No to the Iraq War,” “Le Street Art au fEminin”, “WHERE’S BANKSY?”, and “Street Art in the Time of Corona”.

Sebastian Wandl, previous UN artist residency recipient. (Photo ©Urban Nation)

As we consider the role of artists as activists, one wonders if there is an appropriate response to the cascading events caused by climate change as expressed in our cities by artists. Keeping the real questions on the forefront, including what agendas may be behind large multi-national backed agencies setting goals for us, the discerning artist will have to study the issues first – so it’s great to have this book as a jumping-off point.

Graffiti writer Honey (photo copyright HONEY)

These and other issues will be discussed by three persons active on the current graffiti/street art scene, including Philip Wallisfurth (Senor Schnu), who has been active on the street and inside installations in Germany since 2007, Munich-based illustrator and painter Sebastian Wandl (aka WANDAL) who brings skateboarding and hip hop culture to his work, and style writer HONEY, who has been at the game since 2018 in a still male-dominated graffiti scene.

Photo © Philip Wallisfurth (Senor Schnu)

31.03.2023, 18:00 until 20:00
Admission 17:30

Bülowstr. 7
10783 Berlin

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Bülowstrasse 7
10783 Berlin