BSA Film Friday: 02.24.23


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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening:
1. A History Of The World According to Getty Images

2. Cypress Hill: INSANE IN THE BRAIN

3. Earth to COP

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BSA Special Feature: A World History – In Moving Pictures

History is written by the victors: That is, those who dictate and control the dominant culture and hold the reins to industry, property ownership, etc. Not a lot of history is written by slaves, or marginalized populations, or those disempowered by the systems in which they just barely keep their heads above water. So, when we saw this “History of the World”, we were happy to see the “A” in front of it.

In a similar, related vein, FIPADOC releases this film about the moving image in the public domain and reveals that regardless of the original filmmaker’s intent, these can become privatized. Similarly, the narrator poses questions regarding the implied power dynamic between the shooter and subject and comes away with some very enlightening realizations about the form. Who owns access, who controls it, and what stories are told, or hidden?

A History Of The World According to Getty Images

Cypress Hill: INSANE IN THE BRAIN / Trailer

Estevan Oriol gives you a deep dive and thoughtful discourse on Cypress Hill as they germinated, grew, and took over – telling “the story of a brotherhood that has withstood the test of time to create a truly original, everlasting legacy.”


The Earth is already speaking to us, and while this video offers astounding views of destruction, let’s take a step back and find out who caused, and is causing, the damage – and if large meetings like COP are holding them responsible, and accountable. Many today point to corporations that are taking on climate change as a virtue signal, a marketing lever, and a way to push other agendas under a green flag.