Photos Of BSA #3: Paola Pivi’s “You know who I Am”

Happy Holidays! We’re celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of the next by thanking BSA readers, friends, and family for all of your support in 2022. We have selected some of our favorite shots by our Editor of Photography, Jaime Rojo, and we’re sharing a new one every day to celebrate all our good times together, our hope for the future, and our love for the street.

She is the kind of artist whom you would also like as a babysitter. Entertaining and playfully absurd, her installation art is imaginative and within reach of a daydream. Here is a polar bear behind an executive’s desk with his legs crossed and hands folded behind his head; here is a huge plane – a skewered readymade if you will; the rotating Piper Seneca rolling forward slowly above people’s heads in the middle of a midtown sidewalk.

This summer Paola Pivi’s You know who I am presented a large-scale cast bronze replica of the Statue of Liberty on the Highline wearing a series of cartoon-like masks that were changed over the course of the installation. She described the characters as “stylized portraits of individuals whose personal experiences of freedom are directly connected to the United States.”

We don’t know who this kid is, but he looks familiar. Perhaps the idea is that the Statue of Liberty could have been anyone – we all want and need the same things.

Paola Pivi. High Line Park. Manhattan, New York City. (photo © Jaime Rojo)