Photos Of BSA 2021: #12: Iced Lemon Car Cookies

We’re celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of the next by thanking BSA Readers, Friends, and Family for your support in 2021. We have selected some of our favorite shots from the year by our Editor of Photography, Jaime Rojo, and are sharing a new one every day to celebrate all our good times together, our hope for the future, and our love for the street.

From winter earlier this year, a simple scene of sublime storm sculpture; the contrast of the compact yellow car enclosed with the curvilinear snow-white powder whipped by a blizzard, immobilizing the city for a day.

While trudging through the snow-filled streets in thickly treaded boots, suddenly your mind turns to summer! The frothy yellow and white reminds you of The Lemon Ice King of Corona, Queens during the hot and humid days of July. Mmmmmmnnn.. lemon ice. Alternately, thoughts may turn to white sugar icing on top of Italian Lemon Drop cookies at any number of bakeries, one which may only be a few blocks away. Oh, New York, how we love you to the moon and back.

Brooklyn, NY (photo © Jaime Rojo)