Photos Of BSA 2021: #14: Know Your Rights

We’re celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of the next by thanking BSA Readers, Friends, and Family for your support in 2021. We have selected some of our favorite shots from the year by our Editor of Photography, Jaime Rojo, and are sharing a new one every day to celebrate all our good times together, our hope for the future, and our love for the street.

Your human rights are inalienable. You are born with them, and no one can “take them away”.

Unfortunately, there always seem to be insidious new laws and new lawlessness to prevent people from exercising their rights fully.

We like this piece from Colombia’s Toxicomano on a New York street in 2021 because it has a certain “retro” style, dating back to the 2000s Street Art vernacular with its “photocopy” filtering – as well as the 70s/80s punk pioneers and the hand-made zine culture of that time.

We also think it is incredibly on-point today when rights are being eroded wherever you look, and knowing your rights is the first step to retaining them.

Toxicomano. Houston Street. Manhattan, NY. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

More Information to Help You Know Your Rights

Courtesy the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Stopped by Police: Learn about your rights when stopped by the police, and how to stay safe.

Religious Freedom Learn more here about your right to express your religion and beliefs.

Students’ Rights Learn about your rights on campus and what to do if school rules violate those rights.

LGBTQ Rights Learn about your rights as a member of the LGBTQ community.

Voting Rights Learn more about how to exercise your voting rights, including how to resist voter intimidation efforts, and access disability-related accommodations or language assistance at the polls.

Protesters’ Rights The First Amendment protects your right to assemble and express your views through protest.

Sex Discrimination Learn about your right to be protected against sex discrimination.

Prisoners’ Rights Learn about your right to be protected against discrimination and abuse in prison.

Race, Ethnicity, or National Origin-Based Discrimination Learn about your right to be free from discrimination based on race, ethnicity, or national origin.

Disability Rights People with disabilities face discrimination, segregation, and exclusion. But federal disability rights laws provide protection.

Immigrants’ Rights Regardless of your immigration status, you have guaranteed rights under the Constitution.