DuorOne and Elodie: This Is Us

About midway through this video, the artist is lifted into the air above the street, away from walls, suspended – and the audio is that of a heart thumping quietly, uncrowded, unfogged, unadorned.

You may think this is about a particular painting, as these videos often are. But instead, it is a video about the practice of painting in public and a relationship built around it.

A late 90s graffiti writer in Madrid, Dourone flew solo on the streets, teaching himself the craft, experimenting with painting styles and disciplines. Later in the 2010s, he joined together with Elodie, forming a painting duo. With 90 murals around the world – Lyon, Los Angeles, Paris, Madrid, Zurich, Miami, Johannesburg… you wonder more about the people than their work at some point.

Fragmented Record is a project that allows you to see behind the scenes and initiates the viewer into the process and approach. “All these years we have shown you the result of our work but very rarely the realization.”