BSA Film Friday: 02.12.21

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening participants at Festival Asalto 2020:
1. MrFijodor, “Logo Al Rogo, MEMORY/OBLIVION”
2. Bunker Walls. Street art inside the cave.
3. Fabio Petani: Phosphorus Oxide & Narcissus
4. TANC at Pavillon Carre de Baudouin
5. Mary Wells 1944-2021
6. Chick Corea 1941-2021

BSA Special Feature: MrFijodor, “Logo Al Rogo”

For a project called with twelve artists called “Street Art Inside a Cave” in September 2020 in Bozen, Italy, graffiti writer / street artist / muralist MrFIJODOR worked on three walls creating a storied set of shadowy forms and symbols that he says tie the past with the present – in an unnerving way. He says the goal is to keep the memory of the atrocities of history alive, precisely to ensure that they never happen again.

From the project description “The wall is inspired by the theme ‘Memory and oblivion’: the one is a constant motion of the human mind, the other erases memories and consciences to start a ‘new cycle’ of reminiscences. But there are events that cannot be forgotten, such as the atrocities of the Second World War. The artwork blends art with history: the chromatic fidelity to the Nazi flag contrasts with the provocation of the piece: the swastika is made up of glasses, shoes, teeth, prosthesis of hands and feet, all those ‘personal objects’ of which the deportees were deprived to become what Primo Levi in ‘I sommersi e i salvati’ calls as “human material”. The work is also a sign of contemporaneity. Some speeches and attitudes of current sovereigns create and feed useless violence born from the manipulation of everyday life: symbols, concepts, promises and intentionally repeated gestures of which these ‘powerful’ make it their leitmotif to conquer and subjugate more or less indirectly peoples.”

MrFijodor, “Logo Al Rogo, MEMORY/OBLIVION”

The exhibition “Mythos. Ten impressions” is organized by Cooperativa Talia and MurArte Bolzano.

Bunker Walls. Street art inside the cave.

Fabio Petani: Phosphorus Oxide & Narcissus

Remember summer? Last August Fabio Patino painted this large scale mural for a private gig in in Chivasso, Italy. He calls it Phosphorus Oxide & Narcissus Pseudonarcissus.

TANC at Pavillon Carre de Baudouin

Paris artist TANC began in graffiti moved into abstraction, color washes and geometric illustration – and now enjoys a commercial/fine art career as well. Here with a project for L’association Art Azoï, he painted the exhibition wall at Pavillon Carre de Baudouin a colorscape to offset the grey of winter.

Mary Wells 1944-2021

Chick Corea 1941-2021