BSA Film Friday: 11.06.20

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. SOFLES: Raw Brick
2. Conor Harrington: The Patriot. Video by Chop ’em Down Films
3. Sao Paulo Pinacoteca: Os Gemos Reopening

BSA Special Feature: SOFLES: Raw Brick

While much of the western world is waiting around to see who wins the presidential election and wonders where this much vaunted civil war is taking place (Rachel?), let’s have a mental vacation with SOFLES as he shows us a graffiti piece being painted on a raw brick wall. The rich green, the deep purplllleeee…… Ahhhhhh.

SOFLES: Raw Brick

Conor Harrington: The Patriot. Video by Chop ’em Down Films

The Irish immigrants were once treated as badly as the Mexicans are now in America. Now one of them is lecturing on blind patriotism in the US in this new video by Chop ’em Down Films.

Sao Paulo Pinacoteca: Os Gemeos Reopening

In a genuine shifting of fortunes, Brazilian twin graffiti writers OS GEMEOS were once on the run from authorities for their artworks in Sao Paulo. Here to welcome their massive exhibition, is a video sponsored by Sao Paulo’s State Government.