Gonzalo Borondo and 36 Christ-like Apparitions Displayed in Salamanca, Spain

Gorgeous and haunting images today from photographer Roberto Conte of street artist/fine artist Gonzalo Borondo’s latest installation fo “Non Plus Ultra”, this time in the Salina Palace in Salamanca, Spain.

Gonzalo Borondo. “NON PLUS ULTRA”. (photo © Roberto Conte)

Testing the qualities of glass once again, the artist screen prints 56 pieces and installs them across 80 meters of space, evoking a chorus of forms, but who are these/is this forms/form.

Christ suspended from the cross comes to mind, so does the drama of an army of models marching down the stage.

Gonzalo Borondo. “NON PLUS ULTRA”. (photo © Roberto Conte)

“Transparency and hardness; fragility and resistance; protection and danger,” he reflects as Borondon considers what draws him again and again to glass as a canvas for screen print. All of these are applicable and yet his placement in this repetitive way strikes you as the ephemera of projection of image.

Gonzalo Borondo. “NON PLUS ULTRA”. (photo © Roberto Conte)