RON ENGLISH & Family Use His Illness to Inspire Facemasks for MedShare / Dispatch From Isolation # 36

“Like everyone in the world, my family has been affected by this pandemic,” says celebrated Street Artist, painter, pop culture jammer, and marketer Ron English.  

He’s reflecting on Covid-19 from the perspective of someone who’s been knocked down by it and who was able to get back up. While he is feeling good now, he says the impact on his health was substantial and says it will affect his art-making going forward due to damaged lung capacity.

“That means no more spraypaint for now,” he says, “and it’s possible that I may never paint another public mural.” Let’s hope that changes with time.

For now his wife Tarza has poured herself into making amazing masks to give to nursing homes, postal workers, grocery clerks – first with leftover fabric scraps, eventually with Ron’s PopLife Popaganda cotton shirts.

Now that the English’s joining with Threadless and “a purchase price that goes directly to MedShare”, his custom design face masks are going to the next level.

Ron says he is proud to do this work and BSA is proud to support families – his and ours – and yours!

Thank you.