BSA Film Friday: 04.03.20 / Dispatch From Isolation #12 : Vermibus

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

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1. Vermibus Makes a Small Book of His Own Studies

BSA Special Feature: Vermibus Makes a Small Book of His Own Studies

If you are stuck inside and are looking for new projects, this may be a perfect excuse to create a collection of your works into a book, or a collage, a photo album, or a slide show.

There are endless ways to show off your work digitally using programs or as a simple video – and guess what? Lots of people are stuck at home looking at their screens so they may well have an extra moment to see your work too.

For example take a look at Berlin-based Street Artist Vermibus, whose ad takeovers we have written about and presented in talks endlessly for a decade around the world. This little project is just as personal and impressive in this format as any of his large-format subvertizing work.

“It is a simple video but very intimate,” Vermibus tells us, “where I show the beginning of my work process and how this one work evolved in the first months of tests.”

Vermibus “Studies”