BSA Film Friday: 11.29.19


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. INTI / “PRIMAVERA INSURRECTA”, Spring Insurrection
2. Sofles VS Rasko / Graffiti Kings 2019
3. Adry del Rocio at Berlin Mural Art Festival 2019
4. Between Street And Art: A Documentary About Meeting Of Styles / Germany 2019

BSA Special Feature: INTI / “PRIMAVERA INSURRECTA”, Spring Insurrection

From vandalizing public sculptures to handmade signs to waving banners, banging oil drums and pots and pans, lighting fires, chanting, and dancing in the streets – these are the insistent voices and perspectives coursing through streets in cities around the world, including these scenes from Chile last month. In one of the tales of people’s victory, these marches and mobilizations of citizens pushing for their rights and fighting state overreach actually worked this month and Chile’s protesters have won a path to a new constitution.

During the demonstrations Chilean Street Artist INTI was at work outside in Santiago as well, adding to the public discourse, with his new work entitled “Dignity!” It was a spring insurrection, now culminating in an autumn victory.

“Both the title and the elements that dress the female figure changed according to the pulse of chaos and civil disobedience that we experienced during the first days of mobilization, which was followed by a carnival of social demands that awaited the moment of becoming all one,” he says. You see the belted figure wearing symbols of resistance, destruction, construction; bullets, frying pan, boxing gloves, a hammer, a Chilean doll. The turtleneck holds the galaxy, an acoustic guitar at the back.

“Dignity!” is what people shouted. “A shout that, had it not been accompanied by insurrection, would never have been heard,” INTI says. “A shout represented in fighting tools, and our demands in a utopian vision of the new Chile.”


Santiago de Chile, Octubre 2019@galerialira

Posted by INTI on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Sofles VS Rasko / Graffiti Kings 2019

Jake Anderson offers this compilation of two current Kings – Sofles and Rasko. “Two of the best graffiti artists i’ve witnessed. Not meant to be a competition, more of a comparison of two artist doing their thing.”

Adry del Rocio at Berlin Mural Art Festival 2019

Mexican muralist Adry del Rocio came to the Berlin Mural Festival this year. Known for her 3-D perspective painting (along with some Magic Realism from her home culture) del Rocio talks to the camera as she paints, relating stories about her childhood and her mother.

“I started very young. From four years old I won my first art contest. My mother always loved art. I admire her because she always has had this vision to push us.”

Even when del Rocio was discouraged by people who advised her to pursue another line of career, her mother’s advice what quite different. “Don’t listen to those people. You want to paint? You paint.”

Between Street And Art: A Documentary About Meeting Of Styles / Germany 2019

“Meeting of Styles is an international graffiti and street art festival that takes place in different parts of the globe. In its core it is a celebration of art, creativity and the spirit of community found in the street art scene. This year we went to the Meeting of Styles in Wiesbaden, Germany and had the opportunity to speak with some great creative minds and artists.” – from Eight Pixel Productions.