Lucy McLauchlan Unfolds with New Show in Birmingham

She’s painted inside a parking garage in Detroit. She’s painted huts in The Gambia. She has painted a Norwegian lighthouse, an abandoned New York subway tunnel, and we watched her paint while balancing on a rickety patchwork of a hot tin roof in Marrakech.

Lucy McLauchlan is intuitive about interpreting her environment, and no two mural pieces are ever completely the same, even though natural rhythms and graphic motifs overlap. Now back in hometown Birmingham, the Street Artist, muralist, and fine artist is preparing for a solo show opening next week called UNFOLD.

Lucy McLauchlan. Three Gilded Sides of Losiny Ostrov. (photo © Lucy McLauchlan)

The title can easily be interpreted as her own creative process, which appears to be illuminating and revelatory to her as much as anyone – a mystery of life unfolding before her as she travels the world.

Lucy McLauchlan. Under Bordesley. (photo © Lucy McLauchlan)

It also reminds us of this tree wrapping process she was doing in the dark woods when we saw her last August in Moscow. She coated the bark of the trees with a non-harmful ink/paint and then literally pressed large canvasses on them. The results were the ultimate “wood-block” print, another example of what she calls her “deep respect for nature”.

The week-long pop-up show will run all week, and will include mixed media used on paper, canvas and will feature Matthew Watkins films running in the space that capture Lucy at work.

Lucy McLauchlan. The Cut. (photo © Lucy McLauchlan)

‘UNFOLD’ at Centrala
Opening: June 7, 2019  7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
158 Fazeley Street, Digbeth Birmingham B5 5RT, United Kingdom

For more information see the UNFOLD Facebook page

Lucy McLauchlan. “Tacit”. Short film by Matthew Watkins