Mr. Fijodor Builds a Burger in Athens

“The XXXL Panta Burger”

You are what you eat. Mr Fijodor thinks we are eating cars, buildings, cities and a few other non-foods along with all the other stuff in this stack of hamburgers. Of course, he is right.

Researchers from say that already we have chemical contaminants in the food chain, with things like mercury, carbon dioxide, and pesticides altering our daily diet.

Mr. Fijodor. Athens Street Art Festival. (photo © Mr. Fijodor)

Here at the Athens Street Art Festival the Italian Street Artist says his multi-story “XXXL Panta Burger”in  Nikaia is, “A visionary section of our times, a fat and enlarged shape of it.”

He began his public art career as a graffiti writer in 1994 but these days Mr Fijodor (alias Fijodor Benzo) receives invitations to participate in quite a few festivals and create works for private clients, usually painting in his dream-inspired cartoon-style illustrations.

Mr. Fijodor. Athens Street Art Festival. (photo © Mr. Fijodor)

Since its’ beginning almost a decade ago the Athens Street Art Festival, lead and organized by Andreas C Tsourapas, has hosted more than 170 artists painting in multiple municipalities of Athens.

Mr Fijodor tells that he was supported and promoted by the Italian Culture Institute of Athens to get to this festival. He says he’s happy to do this mural, which is marked by a social or ecological criticism that he often uses, “using as a weapon a childish and astonished smile realized through a spontaneous and direct style, free from any complex technical elements.”