BSA Film Friday: 11.23.18


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. Colectivo Licuado and ‘Pandereteras’ at at Parees Fest 2018
2. XAV. Parees Fest 2018
3. Rock Blackblock. Parees Fest 2018
4. Andrea Ravo Matoni. Parees Fest 2018


BSA Special Feature: Colectivo Licuado and ‘Pandereteras’ at at Parees Fest 2018

Four videos in a row this week from one international mural festival – PAREES.

The Uruguayan Street Artists/muralist Florencia Durán and Camilo Nuñez are “Colectivo Licuado” and here in the middle of Oviedo in Northern Spain to create a new mural for the Parees fest this September. As is their practice they study the culture that they are visiting and create an allegory that is familiar to the community, if still rather mystical.

In this case they visit Colectivo Licuado & Nun Tamos Toes for a visit of great cultural exchange – sharing sketches, songs, and learning the history of women’s roles in traditional Asturian culture. The resulting mural project is collaborative in nature and powerful in person.

XAV. Parees Fest 2018

Spanish graffiti writer, mualist and tattoo artist XAV produces an idealized portrait of one of the most popular (and lavishly attired) pop singers during the 1980s, Tino Casal. Created during the Paree Festival in Spain this September.

Rock Blackblock. Parees Fest 2018

Andrea Ravo Matoni. Parees Fest 2018