BSA Film Friday: 03.09.18


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. Miss Van Talks about Her Show in San Francisco
2. Have You Seen The Listers?
3. Peter Phobia: I’ll Bring You Flowers
4. Layer Cake: A Dynamic Artistic Dialogue


BSA Special Feature: Miss Van Talks about Her Show in San Francisco. Video From Birdman.

“You can have any colors melting together and this kind of velvet feel and I was more into myself and introspection and humbly trying oil,” says Miss Van as she describes her journey last year toward painting with a relatively new medium for her.

Once primarily known for her work as a Street Artist it is revealing to see how this artist evolves and matures into other areas of practice. Here Miss Van shares her experiences as she prepares her Gitana series of blooming muses for her new exhibition in San Francisco. “This is very important for me to make timeless paintings. I don’t want my paintings to be just from now or just from before.”

Have You Seen The Listers?

A biopic on the way from Street Artist Anthony Lister telling the story of his search for fame and how it affects his familial relationships.

Peter Phobia: I’ll Bring You Flowers

“Over time I translated these influences into my own visual language,” says Peter Phobia as he appears to be reading his artist statement out loud.



Layer Cake: A Dynamic Artistic Dialogue

There are many layers here. The collaboration of two artists going back and forth to create something new together is infrequent but has a definite history. What supercharges the process for these two is they both feel like they are violating a long held street rule that interprets going over someone else’s work as an attempt at stealing their immortality. Stay with us as we explore more with Layer Cake in coming months.