Spider Tag Casts His Glowing Web Higher in Helsingborg

When Street Art passes into the realm of public art it takes on the character of permanence that will withstand time. While that may happen with the occasional graffiti burner or mural, more conventional Street Art is illegal and will be crossed over by a rival or eroded by the elements.

Spider Tag. Helsingborg, Sweden. Januray 2018. (photo © Spider Tag)

Spidertag, whose work we began documenting for you years ago when his tools were a hammer, nails, and yarn, has just created his first permanent mural in the city of Helsingborg, Sweden – and he’s more than pleased.

“I’m very happy cause it was a difficult one and a dream come true!” he tells us of the 300 meter long cable on the side of a multi-story building is meant to last for a number of years. The abstract geometry is best seen during nighttime hours, giving it an ethereal quality that occupies an area, rather than simply a wall. Spidertag says that he has his own special cables and this is the largest he’s done.

Spider Tag. Helsingborg, Sweden. Januray 2018. (photo © Spider Tag)