Esteban Marin: Wishes And Hopes For 2018

As we draw closer to the new year we’ve asked a very special guest every day to take a moment to reflect on 2017 and to tell us about one photograph that best captures the year for them. It’s an assortment of treats to surprise you with every day – to enjoy and contemplate as we all reflect on the year that has passed and conjure our hopes and wishes for 2018. This is our way of sharing the sweetness of the season and of saying ‘Thank You’ to each of you for inspiring us throughout the year.


Esteban Marin is the president of Contorno Urbano, a community-powered foundation just outside of Barcelona that sponsors personal, cultural, and citywide public art projects throughout the year. A graffiti writer since 2000, Esteban says it was his experiences making art on the street that drove him to train as an artist and illustrator and eventually paint large murals. Luckily for the communities of Sant Feliu, Cornellà and L’hospitalet, Marin is making sure that other artists have new opportunities as well.


This photo is from our 12+1 project this year in L’Hospitalet. For me it’s the perfect image to remember this year and to think about the next to come.

Following a path that is guided by ethics and passion – it’s always difficult and rewarding at the same time.

To me finding a destination and continuing to try to reach it no matter what – that is what keeps me running year after year.

BYG. 12 + 1 Project. Fundacion Contorno Urbano. L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona. (photo © Clara Antón)

Fundacion Contorno Urbano