Skount Depicts “The Golden Ray”

It may look like a gold medallion doorbell, or a fingerprint scanning ID validator, or an icon to poke to open up a celestial app, but Amsterdam Street Artist Skount says it is about accessing cosmic currents of energy.

Skount. Process shot. Amsterdam, May 2017. (photo © Skount)

That may feel a little esoteric for a Thursday, but then you are painting on a roof above Antiek tattoo studios, and it seems like a good time to reflect upon the Tibetan estoteric master Djwhal Khul. This fresh piece is part of a series of murals inspired by the meditations of the Seven cosmic currents of energy, according to the artist.

Skount. Process shot. Amsterdam, May 2017. (photo © Skount)

“This wall depicts the Golden Ray,” he tells us, and explains that it is a good idea to call upon this energy when there “are groups of children that must be calmed down so they can understand more easily the subject that they are studying.”

Skount. Process shot. Amsterdam, May 2017. (photo © Skount)

Thinking of taking this idea to the local public school up the block here in Brooklyn, because these kids are going crazy due to the fact that it is May and they are more interested in the spring breezes blowing past the windows outside than anything the teacher is saying. But Skount says the flame of the Golden Ray can help. “When you need to reach a Spiritual state of mind and feel ready to receive more special instruction, invoke this Flame and Great Instructors and Divine Intelligences will escort you.”

For more about the seven rays/flames, please click HERE.

Skount. Detail. Amsterdam, May 2017. (photo © Skount)

Skount. Amsterdam, May 2017. (photo © Skount)