BSA Film Friday 04.07.17


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. The Haus – Lunatix Dance
2. Mobilize Walls (Against the Trump Wall)
3. The Yok & Sheryo: The Golden Triangle
4. Pixel Pancho in Hong Kong for HKwalls 2017 via


BSA Special Feature: The Haus – Lunatix Dance

From the moment it opened on April 1st, the Haus was a hit! In fact BSA was there in February for a full tour while still in development in Berlin, nearly dancing ourselves through all five floors of this former bank with full scale installations in places that once held offices, conference rooms, employee coffee lounges.

By inviting Creative Director/dancer Serdar Bogatin and the film crew “Shuto Crew” into the space with members of the Lunatix Dance Production troupe, these spaces and art environments come completely alive, invoking stories and dramas – clearly making the spaces into elaborate set-design pieces.


Mobilize Walls (Against the Trump Wall)

Joereal Elliot explains that his new idea is for “A de-centralized network for artists to submit their work so we can scale all of our artwork together as an expression against the proposed wall.” The wall, of course, is the proposed wall that would be built between the US and Mexico, with the purpose of keeping people out of the county, at least those with brown skin. So far Canada has thus far not proposed a wall to prevent the US escapees who are looking for health care and maple syrup.



The Yok & Sheryo: The Golden Triangle

Care for some delicious cooked rat? The Yok & Sheryo have just returned to Brooklyn from exploring the East again and bring you this mini- travelogue of their exploits. Here they paint Baan Dam Museum in Chang Rai and a few other random spots in the Golden Triangle. Enjoy the Pink Floyd cover as well.


Pixel Pancho in Hong Kong for HKwalls 2017 via

Starting from the bottom now we’re here. Here’s a small handmade video Jaime made in Hong Kong last week riding the lift with Pancho Pixel to get a nice view of the new wall. It’s funny how the noise of the city gets filtered out when you are in the middle of it, but when you play the video back to yourself in a quiet room you realize how much soundscape you were surrounded by.