Tavar Zawacki (Above) X Swoon X BSA : Unveiling “Metamorphosis” Print for Heliotrope

Here is the first public look at the new print by Tavar Zawacki (aka Above) which he made especially to aid the programs in Haiti and Braddock, Pennsylvania for Heliotrope Prints. The limited run print will be released this week, April 6th at a pop up show opening in Manhattan and we hope you can come.

Tavar Zawacki (Above) “Metamorphosis” (image courtesy of the artist) for Heliotrope Prints

Street Artist Swoon asked BSA to curate this special Spring 2017 edition of prints and we chose Tavar as one of six world renowned Street Artists whose work we admire greatly and whom we think you will appreciate as well. From his ubiquitous stickers to his fine art, mobiles, and enormous murals, Above is in many cities across the world with the upward pointing arrow that tells you things are somehow looking better. We talked to him about his new piece for the print.

BSA: Can you tell us about the image you have chosen for this new release?
TS: The title of my print design is ‘Metamorphosis’.  Swoon’s project in Haiti is about transformation, and change. From a symbolic standpoint the word, Metamorphosis is applicable to the project in Haiti. It’s about transformation, and taking an existing situation, and changing it. I designed this print to have a wide range of colors. I wanted a print design that was uplifting (small pun) and colorful for someone to want to hang on their wall.

BSA: Do you have a special connection with the people of Haiti or Swoon?
TS: Yes, I have a connection to both. I first worked with Swoon in 2003 on an art exchange. We both helped put up each others work. We sent each other many posters, to the other, which we put up in our respective cities. I also worked with Caledonia in NYC during the 11 Spring event in 2006.

In January 2010 there was a horrible earthquake in Port au Prince, Haiti. I was arriving to La Havana, Cuba by co-incidence just days after the earthquake. When I was in La Havana I made a site specific stencil depicting a young Cuban boy with a First Aid kit in one hand, and a raft in the other. The title of the piece was called ‘Help Thy Neighbor’. *

BSA: How do you see the role of an artist in relation to addressing socio-political / humanitarian issues in the world?
TS: Very important! As artists working in the public domain, we have an enormous reach and voice that is uncensored. I would say that my best street works were the stencil works I painted that dealt specifically with social, political, and current affairs in the world. I respect the artists that have a voice, and are not afraid to use it!

BSA: Many art fans are excited to buy prints of their favorite artists – have you made many prints in the past?
TS: I’m a print maker and I have my own screen print studio here in Berlin. The answer you can guess is, yes. I must say that I’m excited to have this Metamorphosis design be for this project. I hope you, the viewer, will purchase it and support this benevolent cause.

BSA: What new project are you looking forward to this year?
TS: I’ve already started working on my most ambitious museum style solo exhibition for September. I’m most excited about debuting these large canvas works for everyone to enjoy.

We are honored that Tavar agreed to participate in this show with us and pleased that he is part of this great effort.

To learn more about Above please click here.


WHAT: Swoon x Heliotrope x BSA Pop-Up Opening Reception
WHEN: Thursday, April 6 at 6 PM – 9 PM
WHERE: 88 1/2 7th Avenue, between 15th & 16th St., New York, NY

Heliotrope Prints Fundraiser
Curated by Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo, Brooklyn StreetArt

Join us for the opening of our pop-up exhibit, featuring newly released sketches by Swoon Studio and limited edition prints by six world-renowned street artists:

Case Maclaim
Icy And Sot
Miss Van
Tavar Zawacki (Above)

Prints starting at $50 apiece.

Proceeds support the cultural and education programs of the Heliotrope Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization founded by Swoon aka Caledonia Curry.

Live DJ for your enjoyment. Refreshments provided by Stolen Rum and by Smart Beer