BSA Film Friday: 02.17.17


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. BEGR: Snow Painting
2. Gonzalo Borondo – ANIMAL
3. 2017 Women’s March from 50/50 Skatepark
4. What’s Your Story? PREZ


BSA Special Feature: BEGR: Snow Painting

Diggin the dreamy tip of this home-made video chronicling a frozen snowy winter day of spraying out with BEGR. Absent are the testosterone fueled showiness and fronting that sometimes characterize videos like this, instead the director BAZOOKAFILMS77 and the artist keep their mind on the art and invite you into the head. Great choice of tracks and attention to small details and interludes.

Gonzalo Borondo – ANIMAL

You may remember our piece in The Huffington Post about Borondo’s big mural in Berlin last summer and one community’s response to it.  Here he is in a new show curated by Rom Levy called ANIMAL.

2017 Women’s March from 50/50 Skatepark

Here’s a home made slideshow set to music of scenes from the the Women’s March that vastly dwarfed the inauguration of Trump.  That may have been our first clue…

What’s Your Story? PREZ From 50/50 Skatepark

We like this normal unassuming everyday interview with Staten Island graffiti writer and artist PREZ because it let’s him tell his own story while he’s just hanging out on a couch at a skatepark. And he has something to say, a few things actually.

2017 Women’s March from 50/50 Skatepark