BSA Film Friday: 07.29.16




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. STARE: Sans Titre
3. ABCDEF Style Writing. Part I
4. ABCDEF Style Writing. Part II


BSA Special Feature: STARE: Sans Titre

Quick cuts and overlays, tracing outlines and abstracts floating in color washes are set to a popping beat by Toast Dawg in this new video by Craeon to set the stage for Stare. In the game for 20 years since starting with Montreal’s NME crew, the writer is also an abstract geometrist as well. Extra points for the hoisting of a title tag with a “SOLD” red dot next to it.




The second site-specific artwork of a series called “Climate” by Bologna based Andreco – the first was his initial installation at the UN COP21 climate change conference in Paris last fall, here the artist/geologist spreads it long and wide to show the impact of pollution on cities and our air quality.

In a statement he released with the project Andreco says he once again is depicting the relationship between man and nature with “an intense criticism about anthropogenic pollution generated by of the use of fossil fuels.”

Created on posters over a multi-block distance for the CHEAP festival in Bologna, Italy, he is telling the story of emissions “This thickening process increase more and more billboard after billboard: from fine dust (PM10) scattered into the air to their precipitation on earth until it gets to the mountain and gradually ends in a completely black poster,” he says.



ABCDEF Style Writing. Part I

And now a two-part series on one man’s pursuit of stylewriting his tag in multiple ways. Edutainment.

ABCDEF Style Writing. Part II