BSA Film Friday: 03.11.16




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. BSA Special Feature: Sofles / Wayfarer by Selina Miles
2. Loving Vincent: Trailer
3.“The Coward – Adieu” from the Julien Brothers


BSA Special Feature: Sofles / Wayfarer by Selina Miles

Selina Miles has just directed an epic excursion through the pleasant looking Collingwood and Fitroy areas of Melbourne and the graffiti culture there. The prolific and talented writer Sofles rides and runs center screen on this guided tour of his aerosol stomping ground and this (nearly) one continuous shot drone film is a revelation. Again Miles pushes the documentation category forward, going beyond merely recording toward capturing, creating a sense of drama, certainly poetry.

Omar Musa grabs you with his words before you even know where you are and holds your heart tethered to a string and pulling you along these streets and alleys and back lots. Many times this piece is soaring in its singularity and its sense of collaboration.


Loving Vincent: Trailer

Can you imagine your favorite Van Gogh’s coming to life? They are calling this the first fully painted feature film in the world. (and the producers are still looking for talent:



Nicolas Jullien and his brother Jean animation for International Women’s Day.

A simple captivating animation counting through the clock of life that wordlessly communicates greater truths than you are expecting.