Johannes Mundinger “Below The Fog” in Berlin

Indoor and outdoor merge in shifting slabs of memory that slip and stick in this new Berlin wall by Johannes Mundinger.

In work that similarly slides from representative and abstract, the work of the Offenburg born painter benefits from a sense of place and this new wall is especially good in these pictures when shot through by diagonal snow.


Johannes Mundinger for Urban Spree. Berlin. February 2016. (photo © Lucky Cat)

Currently a resident artist at Urban Spree since 2012, Mundinger is preparing for his show opening next week at the galerie entitled ‘Unterm Nebel’. He tells us that it is an examination of memories first imprinted during childhood, somehow breaking and shifting during time, even crumbling and sinking deep into the subconscious.

Says Penny Rafferty in her description of ‘Unterm Nebel’ (Under the Fog), “The impressions we have aren´t reliable, it was a lifetime ago and now we have vague feelings of atmospheres, colours and smells; everything else remains inside a dense fog that psychiatry calls the consciousness.”

The exhibition will present a new series of large paintings, including a 8.5 meter canvas that he is painting in the gallery in the days leading up to the opening. Stop by if you remember.


Johannes Mundinger for Urban Spree. Berlin. February 2016. (photo © Johannes Mundinger)


Johannes Mundinger for Urban Spree. Berlin. February 2016. (photo © Johannes Mundinger)


Johannes Mundinger for Urban Spree. Berlin. February 2016. (photo © Johannes Mundinger)


Johannes Mundiger’s solo exhibition “Below The Fog” opens on March 4th at Urban Spree. Click HERE for more details.

Unterm Nebel

Opening: 4. March from 7pm

Introduction: Lars Hering
Finissage: 20. March from 6pm with a concert by Ori

Exhibition: 5.  – 20. March 2015
Tuesday – Sunday, 12 – 7pm

Urban Spree Galerie
Revaler Str. 99, Berlin


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