BSA Film Friday: 10.23.15




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. 3 Minutes in Brooklyn
2. NUART at 15 on 2015
3. Vegan Flava: Arms Factory in Lisbon
4. FAILE: “Wishing On You” Times Square 2015 NYC
5. Sandra Chevrier. The Aftenblad Wall
6. Winter is Coming, All My Single Ladies


BSA Special Feature: 3 Minutes in Brooklyn

Bruno Maltor at Votre Tour Du Monde recently came to Brooklyn and made a short video of his experiences here. It’s a huge borough (2.6 million inhabitants) and he got just a little taste but he did manage to hit DUMBO, Bushwick, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, downtown, the Botanical Gardens, the Brooklyn Museum, caught some performers on the subway, and Damien Mitchell painting a mural. Ah Brooklyn, you heart breaker, you love maker, you land of a million dreams and possibilities.

NUART at 15 on 2015

A splendid melange of words and images from this years Nuart festival in Norway, its 15th.

Vegan Flava: Arms Factory in Lisbon

“The roof and walls of every factory will molder away by rain and wind.” Vegan Flava discovers a former arms factory in Lisbon and does a tribute to pain and suffering of the people who were killed by its’ industry.


FAILE: “Wishing On You” Times Square 2015 NYC

We debuted this video by Priest Fontaine live for the Brooklyn Museum audience with Faile and actual chills went up people’s spines. No lie.  Now you can see it too here online Capturing the current Times Square as county fair with mountains of screens flashing images around the Selfie Stick Forest, all corporate creepy and still sleezey – Fontaine evokes the magic that Faile is, as well as the pure industry that it takes to make their art work. Also good to remember that it was a hot and humid overnight installation that started at 8pm and ended around 10 the following morning.

What Happened with BSA + FAILE at the Brooklyn Museum?


Sandra Chevrier. The Aftenblad Wall

A special project the organizers of Nuart did with the local newspaper, this is the inaugural piece by Sandra Chevrier.

Winter is Coming, All My Single Ladies