BSA Film Friday: 06.12.15



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Born and Bred: The Rise of Street Art in Bushwick
2. Collettivo FX and Their Enormous Wall in Castellarano
3. Lek and Sowat Make an Art Print
4. TELLAS at Altrove, courtesy @BlindeyeFactory
5. Sh*t Brooklyn People Say

BONUS: FAT JOE Performing Live at Bushwick Collective Block Party 2015 Last Weekend


BSA Special Feature: Born and Bred: The Rise of Street Art in Bushwick

It’s all about Joe! While you were looking for a brunch spot or a beard wax or simply at your navel, Joe took an opportunity to connect artists with walls and did more for the “scene” in Bushwick than an L Train full of pilgrims ever could. He cleared the way for a slew of local and international artists and writers looking for an opportunity to exercise their creative speech and courted the press with his local native personal story so often that you can imagine a Netflix series will be next.

In our mind, Joe is just a true cultural worker who probably saved many peeps from taking themselves too seriously. There was, no doubt, plenty of Street Art and graff in the neighborhood for years before he started getting walls for artists but this guy more-or-less opened the flood gates that answered a need many had for a welcoming public space to see and discuss art.

There is no actual “collective” unless you think of the collective audience of old-timers, new kids, and tourists who have been able to participate and contemplate and consider the creative spirit that is alive in each of us and on display here in many different iterations. That is who is called the collective WE.


Collettivo FX and Their Enormous Wall in Castellarano

This is an actual collective called Collettivo FX (Marco AvantGarde Cavazzoni and Emilio Campana) who slaughtered a wall with animals in the municipality of Castellarano, a town of 13,000 in Northern Italy. The drone cam shots and the sound track by Brian Eno are masterful and mature, adding to the scope of the collective’s undertaking.

Lek and Sowat Show How to Make a Print

Lithography enhanced by hand, this is a mixture of 19th century know-how and contemporary art. If you want to know how an art print is made, now you know.


TELLAS at Altrove, courtesy @BlindeyeFactory

You did you see our piece on the Altrove Festival yesterday? – Largely Geometric : Altrove ’15 Delivers Abstract Murals to Catanzaro. If you did you saw the work of Tellas, and this is a spritely video recounting the wall in its creation.


Sh*t Brooklyn People Say

Okay before you get your attitude all snarly, this is just one slice of Brooklyn. Brooklyn has something like a hundred languages being spoken on the streets and in the stores and hair salons and funeral parlors and restaurants and 54% don’t even speak English at home. That’s a fact. But this is still funny. One slice. You gotta better video? Send it to us!

BONUS: FAT JOE Performing Live at Bushwick Collective Block Party 2015 Last Weekend

Shot on the street by Christopher Smith. Lean Back!