BSA Film Friday: 01.23.15



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Narcelio Grud Mixes Cement and Sprays It
2. BIKISMO Chrome Dog in Wynwood
3. Horfée on a Roof Top in Paris:
4. Graff ADOR – DOOM – DOOM
5. HEGO: Magnetic Street Art in Sydney


BSA Special Feature: Narcelio Grud Mixes Cement and Sprays It

Narcelio Grud and “Chaupixo” brings us back into the inventive mind of this experimenter – now hand pumping a slurry of colored concrete over a stencil pattern. The results are solid!


BIKISMO Chrome Dog in Wynwood via TOSTFILMS

Yo Dog! Did you catch this big silvery one by Bikismo this year at the Jose De Diego middle school? So fresh, so real!

Check out MTO and “The Wynwood Family” from earlier this week on BSA.


Horfée’s Roof Top in Paris:

Graff writer as illustrator using a plain black aerosol spray the way another artist uses brush and ink or marker. It’s a purposeful unveiling of the image on this Parisian rooftop that reveals a slumping pileup of forms and misshapen exasperation that ranks Horfée as one of the best. Check out the nimble can control and ease of line. Oof!



Graffitist and prolific illustrator Ador uses the side of this building for a short animation which we cannot understand but may remind you of your childhood if your father was an angry drunk.


HEGO: Magnetic Street Art

Some people just have that touch, that magnetism about them. Same goes with art in the streets. Sydney based HEGO shows and tells about his personal street art project that encourages people to pick it up and re-display it somewhere else in the city.