Fernando Alcala : 14 From 2014

Happy Holidays to all of you charming and sparkling BSA readers!
It’s been a raucous sleigh ride with you and we thank everyone most sincerely for your support and participation this year. A sort of tradition for us at the end of this December we are marking the year with “14 from 2014”. We asked photographers and curators from various perspectives of street culture to share a gem with all of us that means something to them. Join us as we collectively say goodbye and thank you to ’14.
Barcelona based photographer Fernando Alcala was featured on BSA in November with his shots for Open Walls and we liked his work so well that we invited him back to tell us about his experience and to share with BSA readers about his favorite shot of the year.

“The Open Walls Conference has been the Street Art & Graffiti event of the year in Barcelona – an event done with passion, love and respect for art and artists. This is the way I try to take pictures too.

This piece from local artist Roc Blackblock is one of the last works done during the event and I find some powerful meaning in it, as it took a lot of talking with the local authorities and patience to open new walls in the city. Most of the times, these words and promises were gone with the wind, the same way as the letters you are looking at in that wall.

I hope there will be more events like this in a near future in BCN and that some new free walls spread all over the town despite of the fact that Street Art & Graffiti is forbidden in Barcelona.

Thanks to everyone at Open Walls, Roc Blackblock and Brooklyn Street Art”

~ Fernando Alcalá


Roc Blackblock. Open Walls Conference 2014. Barcelona, Spain. (photo © Fernando Alcalá)




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