EVOCA1 Addresses Addiction in Providence, RI

“Addiction is a hard battle, and even when sober, the next fix is always lurking around the corner tempting you to fall back into that pit,” says Nicholas of INOPERAbLE Gallery, as he looks at this new piece by EVOCA1  “Sometimes you need a bit of help.” EVOCA1 is offering encouragement with his can-wielding skills and some visual metaphor.

Just finished in Providence, Rhode Island in an area known for crime, violence, and drugs, the piece is part of an initiative by a local organization called Avenue Concept. The Dominican born figurative painter is one of the rare cases of Miami coming north this time of year, especially since half of New York’s art crowd is headed for Basel next week. While painting the piece he met a lot of nice local people who stopped by to say hi and you can see how his self-trained style exudes a warmth that would make him approachable.

Thanks to Evoca1, INOPERAbLE , and The Avenue Concept for sharing these exclusive images with BSA readers.


Evoca1. (photo © courtesy of Inoperable)


Evoca1. (photo © courtesy of Inoperable)


Evoca1. (photo © courtesy of Inoperable)


Evoca1. (photo © courtesy of Inoperable)


Evoca1. (photo © courtesy of Inoperable)


Evoca1. (photo © courtesy of Inoperable)


Evoca1. (photo © courtesy of Avenue Concept)

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