FRA Biancoshock Re-Purposes Street Bollard for Pleasure (VIDEO)

Yes you do have a subconscious. It travels with you throughout your adventures in the city.

Often it is evolving and devolving on the path to sexual aspirations, and somehow the shapes and the curves of our built environment all seem to know this, evoking more of those stirrings. Hungry? Thirsty? Perhaps you are thinking of food and drink and suddenly everything reminds you of it. Cities and these inanimate objects are downright carnal, if you think of it. The city itself could alternately bring you to orgasm or help you squeeze fresh oranges. Or both.

Fra. Biancoshock, an experimenting public artist from Italy, discovered recently in Krakow that the decorative crown on those steel bollards that poke straight up from the pavement can also be employed for more pleasurable purposes than directing traffic.

It’s one of those things that makes you say,”why didn’t I think of that?”. Perhaps you did.


Fra Biancoshock begins his installation in Krakow Poland with the help of the municipality… (photo © Fra Biancoshock)


Fra Biancoshock. “Street Squeezer” Krakow, Poland. Nov. 2014. (photo © Fra Biancoshock)


Fra Biancoshock. “Street Squeezer” Krakow, Poland. Nov. 2014. (photo © Fra Biancoshock)